Youth Theatre Education

The first pillar of the Roxy Youth Program is Theatre Education. Our goal is to create engaging opportunities for youth to learn about how a theatre works, how productions are created, and how they are presented to the world.


Theatre Workshop Series – One Day per Month, 10 AM – 12 PM (Sat or Sun)

Youth Age 8 to 1820 per workshopRoxy Theatre
Owen Sound*
Via Zoom
Watch for Adult Workshop Details Pending (planning for 1 PM – 3 PM the same Saturday as the Youth Workshop)

*Programming is in-person unless Public Health requirements change. Workshops may transition to Virtual Programming, or be postponed and rescheduled at a later date, as determined by the RYP Coordinator and Workshop Expert.

$37.50 + HST per Workshop

Theatre Workshops are intended to appeal to special interests and are a one-time educational experience. Content is accessible, relatable and well defined. Our workshop experts are engaging, patient, and instructive, while maintaining a safe environment to explore and be creative.

Workshop NameExpertDateTime
Acting 101Corry LapointeSeptember 11, 202110 AM to 12 PM
Theatre LightingBill MurphyOctober 9, 202110 AM to 12 PM
Introduction To
Christopher McGruerNovember 13, 202110 AM to 12 PM
ChoreographyPaula MercerDecember 11, 202110 AM to 12 PM
Introduction to
Set Construction
Paul NicholsonJanuary 8, 202210 AM to 12 PM
CostumesJoan SpenceFebruary 12, 202210 AM to 12 PM
Scenic PaintingTerry BurnsMarch 13, 202210 AM to 12 PM
ImprovisationEnio MascherinApril 9, 202210 AM to 12 PM
Choral SingingSandy LemaitreMay 15, 202210 AM to 12 PM
Stage CombatJohn FlynnJune 11, 202210 AM to 12 PM

Note: Workshops are planned for in-person participation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, strict safety measures will be in effect. Workshops may transition to Virtual Programming, or be postponed and rescheduled at a later date, as determined by the RYP Coordinator and Workshop Expert. Before registering, participants should consider their capacity to join in either format.

More About The Workshop Series

The Roxy Youth Program Workshop Series is aimed at educating youth in the activities of live theatre.

The program is supported by the Roxy Youth Program Team and contracted experts. Parent volunteers and Roxy OSLT Members support programming efforts as needed.

September: Acting 101

In this course, OSLT actor and director Corry Lapointe will cover basic techniques on how to understand a story and what a character must do to tell that story. Participants will use what they have learned to tell a story through a character.

October: Introduction to Lighting

Introduction to lighting will begin to develop an awareness of the importance of light to a production. Students will learn about the sources of light and mechanics of light shaping. This workshop will be led by Lighting Designer and Operator Bill Murphy.

November: Introduction to Scriptwriting

Participants will be introduced to the art and craft of storytelling in theatre. They will explore the building blocks of scriptwriting through character, conflict and situations that create what every story needs: Drama!’

December: Choreography

Join dancer and choreographer expert Paula Mercer, as she teaches you choreography dance moves to popular musical theatre songs! All skill levels welcome!

January: Set Construction

Set designer and builder extraordinaire, Paul Nicholson, will introduce participants to materials and methods for set construction. They will also get to see the process of set building from drawings/models to full scale pieces.

February: Costumes

Join Joan Spence as she takes you on a behind the scenes tour of the costume closet! She will also dive into how the productions choose costumes based on the plays setting and time period. She will also explain how costumes work with lights, props and sets to create a cohesive piece!

March: Scenic Painting

Participants will learn about techniques, tools and materials specific to stage painting, a visual art form that challenges because of its scale and viewing distance. Techniques will include trompe l’oeil, layering and breaking down. Led by visual artist and writer Terry Burns.

April: Improvisation

Improv is more than just fun and entertaining, improvisation improves teamwork skills and the creative thinking process. This workshop will introduce you to concepts and exercises used by The Second City Toronto and TheatreSports. Participants should be prepared to perform with, and for, your classmates. Led by Enio Masherin.

May: Choral Singing

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sing in a group? Join Sandy Lemaitre as she teaches the basics of choral singing! Participants will work together to learn vocal parts of some hit musical theatre songs.

June: Stage Combat

Stage Combat is a specialized art form for the language of fighting on stage. This workshop will teach performers how to keep themselves, and others safe, while performing fight choreography. Led by John Flynn.

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Our Workshop Series Programming would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. Thank you for your continued support of Theatre Programming in Grey Bruce.

The Eva Leflar Foundation

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