Auditions – Announcements – Workshops


October 1, 2 & 3 at 7:00 pm

in the Roxy green Room


Rehearsals will be be Sunday (daytime: TBD); Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, 7-10 pm, starting Oct. 15 with a good Christmas break.

The Children’s Hour is an outstanding, award winning drama, a combative play, written by Lillian Hellman, one of the great play writes of the 20th Century.  The play exposes the false pieties and conventions of contemporary life, and boldly portrays the destruction of bullying, slander, lies and gossip, and how intolerance could result in witch – hunts that ruin careers and lives   A Serious subject matter so relevant to today’s world.

This play has been given much attention of late, experiencing revivals on and off Broadway, and in London England, and perhaps the reasons are obvious. We owe it to our audience to provide live theatre in every genre, and about all subject matters…..that is part of the ‘mandate’ of live theatre.





Karen and Martha …..Two adult women,25 to 40 (not actual…just look like, but let me be the judge…most people look younger on stage, or can be made to look younger

,( or older))…….Teachers who own and operate private school for girls.

Lily Mortar….50-70…aunt to Martha; retired “actress” with temporary accommodations at the school

Amelia Tilford….50-80….wealthy patroness of the school; grandmother to Mary; aunt to Dr. Cardin

Mary Tilford….14-18….student, the antagonist… a troubled girl who has an unhealthy and potentially dangerous influence on other students.; grand daughter of Amelia; niece of Dr. Cardin


First supports:

Peggy,  Evelyn, Helen, Rosalie …teenage girls 14-18….school mates of Mary

Doctor Joseph Cardin….fiance to Karen, nephew to Amelia….25-45


Second supports:

Catherine, Lois, Evelyn, Rosalie, Janet, Leslie, Agatha …teenage girls, schoolmates in residence


cameo appearance:

A grocery Boy…any age.


More Workshops to be announced in upcoming months.