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An OSLT production running in April 2018. Directed by Kevin Haxell.

Peter Colley’s (The Donnelly’s, I’ll Be Back Before Midnight!) latest comedy-thriller, set in 1910 in a lighthouse on a lake in Ontario, has a cast of four. Josiah has brought his wife, Rowena, to an isolated lighthouse because, she suspects, he is jealous of the attention that she receives from other men.  Josiah expects that a crusty old seaman will be joining them as his assistant for the year that he will serve as lighthouse keeper; instead, young and handsome Brandon arrives. He is brought by Erin, a “quite pretty girl in a rough and tumble way,” who is the only one familiar with the lighthouse and its troubled past. The lighthouse soon appears to have a ghost that is determined that the light will go out and a passing ship will break up upon its rocks.

Josiah:       Can appear to be 50 to 65 years of age, depending on who is cast as Rowena. Is on 27 of 55 pages of script.

Rowena:     Attractive and must appear to be significantly younger than Josiah.  Is on 44 of 55 pages.

Brandon:  In his 20s, “quite handsome and speaks like someone not too long out of some ivy-covered college.” Is on 48 of 55 pages.

Erin:           Must be younger than Brandon; a tomboy.  Is on 42 of 55 pages.

Auditions are on December 4TH & 5TH at 7PM at THE Roxy THEATRE.
Call backs, if necessary, DECEMBER 11TH.

If you cannot attend, but wish to audition, please contact the stage manager, Sandi, at 519-794-4504.

 Scripts are available in the Box Office.



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