SISTER ACT THE MUSICAL is coming to town!

Get in on the fun and frolic, plan to AUDITION! We are looking for cast and crew.


Where: The Knights of Columbus Hall

When: Tuesday, May 21, Wednesday, May 22, Thursday May 23 at 7:00pm – first come, first served.
Call backs…Friday, May 24

For those interested in being in the cast:
Prepare a teeny tune from anywhere…we just want to hear your voice range. We will take it from there.

For those interested in being part of the crew:
Producer Cathie Locke will be there to take your name and find out what you would like to do.

Female leads:
(ages refer to ‘looks like’ which as you know can be assisted with makeup)
Dolores van Cartier…age 25-35..a woman of any color …gotta’ be able to sing!!!
Mother Superior….age 35-60
Sister Mary Robert…age 18-25
Sister Mary Patrick…age 30-60

First Support:
Sister Mary Lazarus…age 40-65
Sister Mary Martin of Tours…age 40-70
Sister Mary Theresa… age 80-180
The NUNS…up to 10 more, all ages, all voice ranges

Dolores’s back up singers:
Michelle…age 18-30
Tina…age 18-30
The actors playing these two roles will be playing multiple roles (ie…hookers, waitress, homeless people, fantasy dancers) – LOTS OF FUN and LOTS OF WARDROBE CHANGES

Male Leads:
Curtis..the gangster….age 30-50
Eddie…the cop….age 25-35
Monsignor O’Hara…age 50-70 ( does not sing)

First Support:
TJ, Joey, Pablo…Curtis’ gang…ages 25-45

These actors will be playing multiple roles…WILL BE UBER FUN and you will be busy. (ie: Ernie, Cops, bar tender, bar patron, homeless people, Drag Queen, Newscasters, Altar Servers, ‘Gay Dancers’)

Check out the Broadway version of Sister Act on Youtube; see who you would like to be and what part is for you! We know that Broadway is pro, but don’t worry… we’ll make you one too!