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Dates: Tuesdays May 21 – July 2 (no class on June 18)

$40 for members (discount will be added to online cart automatically)
$60 for non-members

Register online or at the box office!

OSLT is excited to announce a 6 session improv workshop!
Learn the art of improvisation and tap into your intuitively funny nature. More than just fun and entertaining, improvisational skills help build your confidence in working without a script and will positively impact your ability to work well with others. Discover what it takes to play well with others and rejuvenate your creative thinking process.

This workshop will introduce you to the fundamental concepts and exercises used by The Second City Toronto and TheatreSports. No improv or theatre experience is necessary to enjoy this workshop. Participants should be prepared to perform with, and for, your classmates.

This 6-week workshop will cover some of the basic principles of improvisation for beginners, but will also challenge experienced players with advanced scene-building exercises.

Lead by Enio Mascherin
Enio is an improviser, musician, freelance writer and voice actor.  He has also performed in two OSLT productions; Wait Until Dark and Born Yesterday. A founding member of the Toronto TheatreSports movement, he has been a member of such fringe comedy troupes as Unfinished Business, The Urchins of Menace, and Better Than Nothing.  In a previous life, Enio was Creative Director at Avenue A Advertising and Bayshore Broadcasting, an Associate Producer at The Second City Toronto, and a Director of their Training Centre. He has taught Improvisation at Seneca College, Haliburton School for The Arts, and The Roxy Theatre.

Date: Wednesday May 22 2024, Matinee Performance
$150 per member
CAA Ed Mirvish Theatre, 244 Victoria St, Toronto, ON, M5B 1V8

Booking: Call The Roxy box office during normal business hours of Tues-Fri 10:30am-5pm, 519-371-2833

Great seats! Orchestra rows E, F, G and H!!

Important notes about this trip:
– Members, please encourage your friends to attend!
– Seat Allocation: Seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. We have a block of seats reserved – all in the same area of the theatre. You may be sitting beside a friend, or may not, which will be a nice opportunity to get to visit with another OSLT Member!
– Lunch Time: There will be allocated time for lunch upon our arrival in Toronto before the show for you to arrange.

Seats are limited to 24, so we highly encourage you to secure your spot early!

For any inquiries or assistance regarding the trip, feel free to reach out to the box office at 519-371-2833.

We’re incredibly grateful for the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation in making this Member Appreciation activity possible. Half the price of the bus fare is being covered by the Resilient Communities grant OSLT received to support volunteer activities.

About Hadestown: (visit for more information):
Anaïs Mitchell breathes fresh, new life into classic mythology with her folk musical Hadestown. Orpheus, a passionate and talented musician, and Eurydice, an independent and resilient young woman, fall in love at first sight, as though it was–and perhaps is–destined by The Fates. Though neither has much to their name, Orpheus is determined that love will see them through anything. Their love blossoms in spring and flourishes in summer, but is tested when autumn and hardship come. Hardship breeds doubt and difficult choices must be made. When Eurydice unknowingly signs away her soul to Hades, master of the factory Hadestown, Orpheus is prepared to venture to hell and back, armed with nothing but his music and his love, to bring her home once more. Set to Mitchell’s gorgeous folk-rock score, Hadestown tells a poignant, vibrant story of love that manages, even amongst tragedy, to find hope.

Date: June 18 2024, after the OSLT General Meeting

Don’t miss our General Meeting on June 18!

Stick around after for our End of Season celebration with OSLT Shines, where our members will show off their talents for you!

The meeting will start at 7pm.