Directed by Kevin Haxell

At Peter and Rita’s wedding, a mysterious old man insists on kissing the bride. While honeymooning, Peter gradually realizes that the woman by his side is not his wife. The wedding kiss caused Rita’s soul and the old man’s to change places.
Opening January 30th 2025!

Audition Dates:
Sunday June 23 from 12pm-5pm
Monday June 24 from 6pm-9pm

Location: The Roxy Theatre

To obtain an appointment to audition, contact the Producer, Sandi Holland, at or call/text 416-574-6242. If you would like to audition but are unable to attend one of the two days of auditions, contact her for an alternative date. If you decide to audition at the last minute, be a “walk-in” and join us at the Roxy.

Ten actors are needed. There are three major roles, four secondary roles and three minor roles. Three actors play multiple roles.

Audition Materials:
1. A Synopsis of the play (you’ll want to be a part of this show after reading it)
2. A listing of the Characters, the number of pages they are on stage and the Sides for each character
3. The Sides themselves. Familiarize yourself with the Sides for the character you’d like to play. You are not expected to memorize them.
Side 1
Side 2
Side 3
Side 4
Side 5
Side 6
Side 7
Side 8
Side 9
Side 10

Copies of the play are available to be signed out at the Box Office, or if you would like an electronic copy emailed to you, let Sandi know.

Rehearsals begin October 20th, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Initially there will be three rehearsals a week, then starting in December, four a week. There will be a break for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. As Kevin rehearses by grouping French Scenes together whenever possible, you won’t be called every rehearsal (unless you’re playing Peter) and you won’t often be standing around waiting to rehearse. Hope to see you at the auditions for Prelude to a Kiss!