Bite-Sized Theatre: One-Act Plays

OSLT One-Act plays are officially back! These short plays offer patrons an opportunity to see 3 unique directing styles and plays in one night out. Finger Food, directed by Sheilah Spurr, is about a Method hand model and a hand-obsessed food photographer who are shooting an ad, and the sparks that fly between them. In Please, No Flowers, directed by Gerrard Morrison, two female ghosts, their bodies laid out in coffins at a funeral home, reflect on their lives and life choices as they watch as mourners pay their respects. A Marriage Proposal, directed by Val Underwood, is a comedic play where a man’s simple proposal to a woman becomes a chaotic and amusing event.

Directors: Sheilah Spurr, Valerie Underwood, Gerrard Morrison
Dates: September 14-16 2023, 7:30pm

CAST (In Alphabetical Order)

Please, No Flowers

Emily Carter – Sandy

Stevie Lyons – Esther Rubel

Christopher McGruer – The Young Man

Jane Phillips – Mrs. Hirshman

Jed Phillips – Mr. Hirshman

Anne Thompson – Mrs. Lehr

Cathie Tilley – Lena Grossman

Val Underwood – Mrs. Bleeker

Nancy Wardell – Caretaker

Finger Food

Martin Cooper – Denny

Tiffany McMillin – Mona

A Marriage Proposal

Pam Crawford – Madame Stepanova

Emma McConachie-Anderson – Natalia Stepanova

Paul Sawyer – Ivan Vassiliyitch


Please, No Flowers

Gerrard Morrison – Director

Kat Ruck – Stage Manager

Jodi Armstrong – Assistant Stage Manager

Dan Herrick – Set

Karen Giberson – Wardrobe

Wendy Smart – Makeup

Finger Food

Sheilah Spurr – Director

Marie-Claude Bouret – Stage Manger

Joanne Perry – Wardrobe

Wendy Smart – Makeup

A Marriage Proposal

Val Underwood – Director

Anne Thompson – Stage Manager

Yvonne Clements – Assistant Stage Manager

Cathie Tilley – Wardrobe