Prelude to a Kiss

This play is a comedy, a romance, and a mystery with a bit of fantasy thrown in. Peter and Rita meet each other at a party in NYC and fall in love quite quickly and in short order decide to marry. A mysterious event at their wedding leaves the couple struggling to renew their intimacy in bizarrely altered circumstances. Audiences contemplate intellectual/philosophical questions when an old man suddenly occupies the bride’s body and leaves her within the confines of his old man body. The groom sees past the lovely shell of his wife and successfully searches out his real bride. The mystery is whether Peter will figure out how to switch the two souls back to their rightful bodies, or will he continue to live with and love the soul of his bride in an old man’s body.

Directed by: Kevin Haxell
Play by: Craig Lucas

Dates: January 30 – February 1 and February 5-8, 2025 at 7:30pm. February 2 at 2pm.