One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

This stage adaptation of Ken Kesey’s celebrated novel explores the brutality of life in a mental institution with humor, candor, and unforgettable characters.
After being convicted of a petty crime, a charming, rebellious rogue named McMurphy contrives to serve his short sentence in an airy mental institution rather than in a prison. This, he soon learns, was a mistake. He immediately clashes with the authoritarian head nurse, a fierce martinet named Nurse Ratched. Despite Ratched’s strict reign, McMurphy quickly takes over the yard, leading others out of introversion, staging a revolt so that they can see the World Series on television, and arranging a rollicking midnight party with liquor and women. But McMurphy’s brash insubordination has its consequences.

Directed by: Corry Lapointe
Play by: Dale Wasserman
Based on the novel by: Ken Kesey
Dates: November 9-11 and 15-18, 2023 at 7:30pm. November 12 at 2pm.

CAST (In Alphabetical Order)

Tom Albrecht – Randle P. McMurphy

Kristan Anderson – Aide Warren

Nolan Ballantyne – Billy Bibbit

Steve Byers – Dale Harding

JC Coutts – Dr. Spivey

Ben Davidson – Ruckley

Faith Lahey-McCoy – Candy Starr

Peter Leonard – Martini

Colleen Martin – Nurse Flinn

Allan Mason – Chief Bromden

Lacey Mooney – Nurse Ratched

Brian Moore – Cheswick

Paul Sawyer – Aide Turkle

Elaine Slade – Sandra

Jamie Smith – Scanlon

Mike Tettenborn – Aide Williams


Director – Corry Lapointe

Musical Director – Don Buchanan

Producer – Cathie Locke

Stage Manager – Lisa Miller

Assistant Stage Manager – Fiona Smith

Assistant Stage Manager – Cathy McKinnon

Assistant Stage Manager – Steve McKinnon

Set Design – Paul Welch

Lighting Design – Bill Murphy

Properties – Debbie Morris

Wardrobe – Joan Spence

Makeup – Wendy Smart

Hair – Kasey Williams

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