Other Rental Details

Minimum Payment minus deposit paid plus other expenses will be shown as a debit on the final statement sent along with payment within 10 business days of the last show.  A further deposit of 80% of Minimum Payment (see Schedule A) is required if, two weeks prior to the event, ticket sales do not cover the Minimum Payment. Non-payment will result in the cancellation of the show.

Please provide copy (60 words maximum) for your event which will be listed on our “Upcoming at the Roxy” event list available at the box office and on the calendar of our website. Premium marquee and website exposure are available as stated above. All rentals will receive a basic listing on the website. All other marketing is the responsibility of the renter.

OTHER FEES (to be determined)

  1. 3.5% of total credit card sales and debit sales and gift certificates
  2. Miscellaneous rental of extra equipment (i.e. extra microphones that the Roxy does not carry)
  3. SOCAN 3% of net revenue for ticket sales plus HST for events with live music or recorded music will be submitted as per SOCAN regulations
  4. Concession Sales: Renter provides own seller, float, uses own credit card services – 10% sales to Roxy  OR Roxy provides seller, float, credit card & debit services- 20% sales to Roxy
  5. A bio board can be provided (Renter does display n/c; Roxy does display $25 – renter provides all materials to be displayed – please inform the Theatre Manager)
  6. Posters can be distributed locally for 0.25 per poster, billed on final invoice

Cancellation fees: If your performance (or ticketing service) is cancelled, a $25 cancellation fee plus expenses (e.g. – box office ticketing fees and refund fees) will be levied as per contract. Deposits are non-refundable.

Deposits will be refunded for events cancelled more than 120 days from the first date of use of the premises plus any direct expenses incurred by the theatre in the promotion of the event.

Deposits shall be forfeited for any events cancelled less than 120 days prior to the first date of use of the premises plus any direct expenses incurred by the theatre in the promotion of the event.

Between 30 and 119 days prior to the first date of use of the premises, cancellations will result in 50% of the Base Rental Fee invoiced to the client plus any direct expenses incurred by the theatre in the promotion of the event (ie. Poster distribution, advertising costs, etc.)

Cancellations less than 30 days of the first date of use of the premises, cancellations will result in 75% of the Base Rental Fee invoiced to the client plus any direct expenses incurred by the theatre in the promotion of the event.


SEATING: The Roxy Theatre seats 400, with 3 seats for wheelchairs and removeable seats for a pit band.  An additional 6 seats are held each performance for the Roxy Ushers.  In the event of a capacity audience these seats can be sold.

BAR: The Roxy Theatre’s Lobby is fully licensed and the bar will be open 1 hour before each performance, during intermission and after the performance.  If alcohol is NOT to be served, please let us know well in advance.  Stadium licensing is available upon request.

50/50:  The Roxy Theatre reserves the right to sell 50/50 or raffle tickets or Roxy merchandise at all performances.


Metered parking is available on 9th Street East, or for longer periods, in the municipal lot behind the Roxy – entrance off 3rd Avenue East (no charge on Sundays, Holidays or after 6PM). Please let us know if you are using a bus – we will arrange parking for you.


Performers and crew may use the front entrance: off loading is carried out from the load zone on 9th Street East, which is east of the stage entrance (main entrance) Please note that after you have unloaded you must move your vehicle as a parking ticket may be issued.

Technical information, stage map, etc. can be provided. The dressing rooms include a limited kitchen, a well- lit make-up room, washroom and shower.  Theatre lighting and sound are included in the rental. Visit our web-site for more details. https://roxytheatre.ca/facilites.asp


The Roxy is wheelchair accessible, with 3 spaces for wheelchairs at the back. If you should choose to use your own soundboard in the auditorium, the regular wheelchair spaces would have to be moved to accommodate your soundboard.

Renter must provide proof of liability insurance (as per the rental contract) of $2,000,000.

Alcohol is only allowed in the licensed lobby unless Stadium Licensing is requested in which case the auditorium will also be licensed. The liquor license is owned & operated by OSLT. Drinks may be purchased at the bar and consumed in licensed areas.

There is absolutely NO SMOKING in any part of the theatre

Rates and details are in effect until June 30, 2018

For more information visit our web-site www.roxytheatre.ca or contact the administration office admin@roxytheatre.ca  or 519.371.3425