Matilda JR.

Matilda has astonishing wit, intelligence… and special powers! She’s unloved by her cruel parents but impresses her schoolteacher, the highly loveable Miss Honey. Matilda’s school life isn’t completely smooth sailing, however – the school’s mean headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, hates children and just loves thinking up new punishments for those who don’t abide by her rules. But Matilda has courage and cleverness in equal amounts, and could be the school pupils’ saving grace! This story of a girl who dreams of a better life and the children she inspires will have audiences rooting for the “revolting children” who are out to teach the grown-ups a lesson.

Directed by Lacey Mooney
Book by Dennis Kelly
Music & Lyrics by Tim Minchin
Dates: May 13&14 2022 at 7:30pm, May 14 2022 at 2pm

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Julia Barfoot – Gracie
Julia is very excited to be acting and singing in her first musical! She has danced onstage with the Owen Sound Dance Academy in the past. Julia is a grade four student at Keppel-Sarawak School. She wants to say thank you to her Mom, Dad, and Kaye for bringing her to rehearsal.

Lily Brennan – Mum / Big Kid / Cook
Lily has performed and helped create multiple Sandcastle Theatre productions. Lily has also earned several awards through the Kiwanis Festival. Lily volunteers at the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter and also loves riding and competing with her horse Gaben. One of her favorite hobbies is swimming at Williams Lake. Lily would like to thank her family for all their support; they have never missed a performance! Lily would also like to thank Lacey, Sandy, Grace, Winter, Miles, and Gary for their guidance and enthusiasm. They have made this year in theatre so much fun!

Jenna Davenport – Erica
Jenna is extremely excited to sing and dance in Matilda Jr!  She participated in The Roxy summer camp, which is what got her into acting. Jenna is in grade 7 at Notre Dame. She is also in the Georgian Bay Children’s Choir. In her spare time, Jenna likes to read, go skiing and figure skating. Jenna would like to thank her Mom and Dad for always getting her to rehearsals on time.

Ewan Dennison – Nigel
Ewan is thrilled to be back on the stage! Ewan has previously been a part of The Roxy’s show The Show Must Go Online. He also takes singing lessons, plays guitar and piano. He would like to thank Lacey and his parents for their support and for driving him to rehearsals.

Sophie Dunning – Dad / Big Kid / Mechanic
Sophie is very excited for her first show on the Roxy Stage! She has done school shows, taken ballet classes and also participated in The Roxy Theatre summer camp last year, One Love. She would like to thank Jelly Bean for being the best niece ever.

Jasmine Elliot – Alice
Jasmine is very excited for her first Roxy/OSLT show! Jasmine has been part of Sandcastle Theatre since she was 4 and played the role of Sleeping Beauty in their production of Sleeping Beauty the Panto. She attended Phoenix Gymnastics and Dancemakers and has also sung O’Canada at the Owen Sound Attack Games. She has also been volunteering at OSHARE since 2018. Jasmine would like to thank Lacey, Sandy and Grace for putting the show together and her parents for being her #1 supporters.

Kara Gibson – Escapologist / Mom / Big Kid
Kara is no stranger to the stage. She has appeared in a Charlie Brown Christmas, Snow White and Life and Times. She also has 5 years of dance experience and takes vocal lessons. Kara plays rugby, loves reading and plans to volunteer with T-Ball. She would like to give a special shout out to her cat named Kitty for putting up with her singing practices and a big shoutout to all of her friends (including Macy)!

Lilah Glasser – Lizzy
Lilah is very excited to make her acting debut in The Roxy Young Company’s Matilda Jr! She is a grade four student at Notre Dame Catholic School, doing French Immersion. Lilah enjoys downhill skiing, gymnastics, Minecraft, playing catch with her puppy Henry, video games with her older brother, and board games with her family. She wants to thank Lacey for being such an incredible acting teacher, Grace for being so encouraging, and her family for all their love and support.

Lily Gray – Lavender
Lily is very excited to be in her first big show! She was first introduced to theatre at The Roxy Theatre summer camp last year. Lily also enjoys baking, drawing, dancing, and sewing. She wants to give shoutouts to her director Lacey for making this show possible.

Maeryn Herrick – Hortensia
Maeyrn is very excited to be a part of Matilda Jr! Maeryn has lots of stage experience and enjoys doing skits with her friends at Timothy Christian School. Maeyrn also enjoys playing piano, horseback riding and making up new songs. Maeryn would like to thank her friend Sophia for coming to see her shows. She also wants to thank her parents for supporting her love for music, and her dog Tilly for her cuddles.

Milea Hiehn – Amanda
Milea is excited to be playing the part of Amanda! Previously, Milea has been in Narnia the Panto, Sleeping Beauty, and Game of Thornes with Sandcastle Theatre. Milea enjoys being a 6th grade student at Saint-Dominique-Savio. Milea would like to thank The Roxy Young Company for everything they do, Lacey for always teaching them with a smile on her face, and her supportive family for everything.

Aubrey Hillyer – Elizabeth
Aubrey is excited to participate in this year’s production of Matilda Jr. after enjoying her time in The Roxy Theatre summer camp this past summer at Kelso Beach. Aubrey is a grade four student at Timothy Christian School. When she is not in class or on the stage, Aubrey spends her time at the rink figure skating. Aubrey would like to thank her sisters for all of the at-home acting performances.

Sequoia Koop – Tommy
Sequoia is excited to be back on stage performing in live theatre again! Credits include Marry Poppins, Charlie Brown Christmas and One Love summer camp. Sequoia also takes singing lessons with Tara MacKenzie. Sequoia would like to thank Grace and Lacey.

Robin Lachance – Mr. Phelps / Dad / Big Kid
Robin is really happy to be a part of Matilda JR! This is his first time being in a show and it has been a lot of fun! He expects it will pave the way to fame and fortune. He is a student at Beaver Valley community school and adds that this experience is definitely worth the sacrifice of missing precious class time in order to make it to the show. He is so glad to be a part of this production! 

Katie (Kai) Lewall – Dad / Big Kid / Sergei the Russian
Katie is a student at Amabel-Sauble Community School. She has participated in school plays, choir and the summer camp One Love, but this is her first time in a production at The Roxy Theatre!

Laura MacDonald – Mel / Russian
Laura is very excited to be a part of Matilda Jr! She has previously done band, dance, and has been in a choir. Laura also enjoys playing volleyball. Laura would like to thank all the people who trusted her, and helped get her to where she is.

Andie McGuire – Bruce / Mum
Andie is a grade 11 student at OSDSS. She has been taking vocal lessons from Tara Mackenzie for the past 7 years and played Hermione in Potter the Panto with Sandcastle Theatre. Andie loves the cast of Matilda Jr and she is so proud of everyone involved! She would like to thank her parents and gran for the never-ending support, as well as her 8th grade teacher, Mr. Bechamp. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Eloise Mosher – Emily
Eloise is a student at Hillcrest Elementary and enjoys singing, swimming and learning how to sail. She also has experience in ballet and choir. This is her very first time being in a production and she has enjoyed learning about theatre and meeting all of the great people. She would like to give a special shout out to her fellow cast and to Lacey.

Bevan Oldham – Rudolpho
Working on Matilda Jr. has been super fun for Bevan, and he has met lots of wonderful people. He was a part of the Roxy’s One Love 2021 summer camp, and has previous experience doing a year of dance and cheer.  “I would like to give a shoutout to Lacey! You are amazing – and completely iconic!” He also thanks the cast and crew for being incredible, super nice, and easy to work with. “I can feel it in my hips!”

Charlotte ParkinMichael
Charlotte has enjoyed working in Matilda Jr. and can’t wait to work with the Roxy again! Charlotte is a part of the Georgian Bay Children’s Choir. She also attended The Roxy Theatre Summer Camp last year, One Love. In her free time, Charlotte likes to box. She would like to thank her grandparents for getting her started in theatre.

Daria Rector – Dad / Big Kid / Russian
Daria is so happy to be a part of this production and can’t wait for the next one! She has done choir for 7 years and is a huge fan of musicals and the band BTS. She would like to thank Lacey. Grace, Sandy and the cast!

Lily Robart – Cornelia
Lily is very happy to be a part of Matilda Jr. and has loved the rehearsal process! She has been a part of The Roxy Summer Camp, sang with a choir, and sang O’Canada during a hockey game. Lily enjoys riding horses at Bridal Path, and owns two named Molly and Holly. She would like to say a big thank you to Lacey.

Miles Robart – Sound Crew
This is Miles’ first time doing tech, and we are so happy to have him! Miles participated in the summer camp One Love and has also performed in plays at his church. He enjoys hiking, riding his bike and playing Minecraft. He would like to give a special shout out and big thank you to Gary Byers!

Cash Robbins – Agatha Trunchbull
Cash was previously in The Roxy’s Youth Programs Young Company (Act 1) and the summer camp, One Love. He would like to give a shout out to Grace for being so patient and flexible during the singing lessons, and to his family for driving him to rehearsals each day. Cash has made a lot of good friends and thinks everyone suits their roles very well.

Braelynn Robinson – Matilda
Braelynn loves playing the lead role of Matilda. She has previously been a part of Dance Force and Fort Henry Gymnastics Club. In Braelynn’s free time, she likes to do powwow dancing, lacrosse, singing, and even more dancing. She would like to give a shout out to her Dad, Step Mom, Mom, aunts, uncles, Grandpa R, Nanny, her brothers, and her sisters, as well as Lacey, Grace, Winter, Sandy, and her fellow actors.

Macy Robinson – Mrs. Wormwood
Macy is so excited to finally be acting again after the pandemic. Acting credits include Sleeping Beauty in Sleeping Beauty the Panto, Momma Bear in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Pinnochio in No Strings Attached. Macy’s training includes competitive hip hop, ballet and singing lessons. She would like to thank her parents for driving her from rehearsals, her family for supporting her, Lacey for giving her a role that suits her very well, and Kara for being an excellent hype-girl. She is so proud of the entire cast for all the amazing effort.

Andrew Shepard – Mr. Wormwood
Andrew’s other credits include the Dramatization of Charles Dickens the Christmas Carol at the Roxy and the summer camp One Love. He would like to thank his parents for supporting him, Grace for pushing everyone to see their best, Lacey for keeping everything together, and all the other actors and crew for making this possible.

Julia Strong – Acrobat / Mum / Big Kid
Julia is a student at OSDSS and enjoys drawing, painting, reading and swimming. Past shows include How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Beauty and the Beast. She participated in The Roxy Young Company’s Act 1 program, was in drama club in grade 7 and 9 and also has a ballet history.

Aeil Sutter – Miss Honey
Aeil is so thankful to work with such a family-like cast this year! She has done multiple shows since fourth grade such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Life and Times, Snow White, and One Love summer camp. She’s been involved in a few different programs such as The Roxy Youth Program, Sandcastle Theatre and Christy’s Stage Door. Aeil is currently taking vocal lessons and has always been eager in drama classes at school.

Elly Turner – Brook
Elly is very excited to make her acting debut in The Roxy production of Matilda Jr. Her previous training includes Hip Hop, ballet, and guitar. Elly likes being a 4th grader at Keppel-Sarawak. When she is not in school she likes running, track and field, and soccer. Elly wants to thank her Grandma and Alison for taking her to the Roxy. She also wants to thank her parents for singing her up for the program. Lastly she wants to thank all of her friends in the cast.


Lacey Mooney – Director

Grace McRae – Musical Director

Trish Herrick – Producer

Sandy Lemaitre – Stage Manager

Lisa Miller – Assistant Stage Manager

Yvonne Korince – Assistant Stage Manager

Emma McConachie-Anderson – Lead Props

Anne Thompson – Props

Dan Herrick – Set Design

Michael Johnston – Sound

Bill Murphy – Lights

Adam Ruth – Co-op Student

Paige Klein – Co-op Student


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