You, Me and a Bit of Driftwood Audition Information

Audition Dates: October 13 and 15, 2022

Directed by: Kevin Haxell
Play by: Samantha Colwell-Castles

A comedic drama about a couple navigating their relationship and family dynamics though an unforeseen period of isolation and disruption. From zoom meetings going sideways to oversea Facetime calls with non-technical elderly parents, the play focuses on emotions that roller coaster from love to frustration and grief and everything in between. This locally written play will be relatable and funny to all who lived through COVID-19.

Audition Sides

  1. Side 1 (Roles: Cooper Flynn, Rose Flynn)
  2. Side 2 (Roles: Cooper Flynn, Rose Flynn)
  3. Side 3 (Roles: Cooper Flynn)
  4. Side 4 (Roles: Cooper Flynn, Jacklyn (Jack) Lawson)
  5. Side 5 (Roles: Cooper Flynn, John Flynn)
  6. Side 6 (Roles: Rose Flynn, Hope Castles)
  7. Side 7 (Roles: Rose Flynn, Ally Taylor, Scott Taylor)
  8. Side 8 (Roles: Rose Flynn, Ruth)
  9. Side 9 (Roles: Rose Flynn, Zoom only characters)