Gorgeous Gallivanting Goddesses Audition Information

Audition Dates: Due to weather an extra audition date has been added on February 7th.

Directed by: Bill Murphy
Play by: Sheilah Spurr

This witty comedy follows four close female friends who have gone on a wilderness canoe trip in northern Ontario. This three-act play takes place at the same wilderness campsite at three different decades. The canoe trip is an adjustment for the women as they are removed from modern amenities, comforts, and the distractions and crises that their regular lives bring to them. For each woman, this is a thought provoking journey into the self and their relationships with each other as they come face to face with their true selves.

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Audition Materials

Character Descriptions

All characters are in their mid twenties in Act 1, mid thirties in Act 2, early forties in Act 3.

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Audition Sides

  1. Side 1 (Roles: Grace, Daphne, Nina, Arty)
  2. Side 2 (Roles: Grace, Daphne, Nina, Arty)
  3. Side 3 (Roles: Grace, Daphne, Nina, Arty)
  4. Side 4 (Roles: Arty & Nina)
  5. Side 5 (Roles: Grace & Nina)
  6. Side 6 (Roles: Jason & Nina)
  7. Side 7 (Roles: Arty, Nina, Daphne)
  8. Side 8 (Roles: Daphne & Arty)