Griffin Gallery

The Griffin Gallery and Armand’s Bar are rented by community artists for exhibits for a commission of 20% for artworks sold. Artists can book exhibits in the Gallery for a minimum of one month to a maximum of three months, as available. The Griffin Gallery has a track-based hanging system to make installations a snap.

Artists are welcome to have a gratis formal gala or opening providing the opening is booked for an evening or daytime booking that corresponds with an existing performance at the theatre for which staff are already scheduled to be on-site. If artists would like to have an opening at additional times, a small fee will apply.

The Griffin Gallery is also available for corporate meetings or community gatherings. The Gallery accommodates just under 100 people, less if seating  is required. A bartender and additional staff are available for your convenience. The Gallery is open for corporate or community rentals based on availability.  A kitchen is available for caterers as needed, located off of the artists’ Green Room.

To find out about availability of the Griffin Gallery and Armand’s Bar, contact the Theatre Manager at